Yes, You Can Be a Shaolin Monk

During its 1,500 year development, Shaolin Kung Fu became the largest and oldest school of

institutionalized styles of Chinese martial arts. Many styles of martial arts from northern and

southern China use the name “Shaolin”.

Shaolin monks are some of the most respected and revered practitioners in the world. These

tough warriors are joined by their level of spirituality derived from Buddhism. They restrain

themselves from worldly pleasures and have dedicated their lives to their faith and their craft.

Here is how you can become a Shaolin Monk:

1. Learn about being a Shaolin Monk

You won’t be able to do anything until you study the history and culture, the duties and

responsibilities of Shaolin Monks. In order to fight, you must study the discipline of the

mind and body, come into harmony with nature. Whether it’s a book or a Shaolin

monastery in the hills of northern China, learning about the Shaolin way will help you

better understand the philosophy of Buddhism, mediation, and Kung Fu.

2. Understand that Shaolin Kung Fu is more than kicking butt

Shaolin is a way of life, not just a fighting style. It is a complete worldview that helps

people become balanced and strong individuals who are one with the universe. The

Kung Fu is just the physical aspect of the spiritually; only a small percentage of the lives

of a Shaolin Monk.

3. Study up on Buddhism

Because Buddhism is the spiritual foundation of Shaolin principles, it is imperative that

you truly comprehend the make up of a Shaolin Monk. It is also important to know what

it is like to live as a Buddhist. Understanding and learning Buddhism is probably the

most crucial aspect of becoming a Shaolin Monk; you have no basis in spirituality and

cannot manifest the physicality of Kung Fu without it.

4. Locate Shaolin Monks in your area

Depending on whether you live in a big city or small town, there is a possibility Shaolin

Monks live in your area. Teachers of the spirituality will help you on your path to

Monkhood. There are also numerous Shaolin temples and organizations that can help

you as well. Before you continue on your journey, sit down and talk with someone. They

might be able to give you a better understanding of what life would be like as a Shaolin

Monk. It is not for everyone; it’s better to know beforehand, rather than later.

5. Become a disciple at your local temple

After you have a basic understanding of Buddhism, the way of the Shaolin monk, and

have talked with someone at your local Shaolin temple, it is time to consider a thorough

education there. Meeting other Shaolin disciples will not only give you a better insight

to life as a Shaolin Monk, but it will also help you understand if the life is right for you.

While training in the United States is not as thorough as training in China, many masters

from the United States have gone abroad to receive their training.

6. Travel to China to study at a Shaolin Temple

If you aren’t impressed with the temples in the United States, you might consider

traveling to China. As the home of Shaolin Kung Fu, you can find many temples that will

allow you to further your studies. While it may be costly, you could find yourself fully

emerged in a life and culture beyond your wildest dreams.

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