USSD Poway offers programs for men, women and children from ages 3 and up. We offer Private and Group Instruction in Kempo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA styles of martial arts. We have Programs available that allow you to do Private Lessons Only, Group Classes Only or a combination of both. When doing Group Instruction, you can attend an unlimited number of classes. While programs are tailored to meet each individuals needs based on age, ability and what the student is hoping to gain from their martial arts training, here is a general breakdown of how our Programs work.


Our Private Instruction classes are 30 minute sessions with the student’s instructor. During Private Lessons students:

  • Learn specific techniques needed for their rank

  • Have the opportunity to practice their techniques with a partner

  • Learn practical applications of techniques

  • Practice to improve their techniques with the help and guidance of their personal instructor

Group Classes are 1 hour classes where students:

  • Practice their martial arts with others in their same age group

  • Learn to use their martial arts skills in a self defense situation

  • Do exercises designed to improve their martial arts as well as their overall health

  • Learn techniques and material that is not specific to rank

  • Learn both stand up and ground fighting skills (Sparring/Jiu Jitsu Group Class)

  • Learn weapons techniques and forms (Weapons Group Class)

To learn more about a specific Program that we offer choose from the list below:


Tiny Tigers (Kids ages 3-5)
Little Dragons (Kids ages 5-10)
Teens (Kids ages 11-14)
Adults (Ages 15-103)