There are many different reasons for people to learn martial arts: to learn self defense, to keep physically fit, to learn philosophy, to reduce stress and to develop discipline. For whatever reason you are looking, we want to make a difference in your life. We will custom fit the martial arts to your needs and goals, and to recognize your personal characteristics.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced martial artist, United Studios of Self Defense has a martial arts program to fit your needs. Men, women, and children participate in our Private & Group Training Programs.

The United Studios of Self Defense Martial Arts System is an ever-changing wealth of knowledge that is always interesting and fun to learn. At United Studios, you’re not just another student. You will realize your full potential, because you are special to us.


           Benefits for Children


Young people must have personal goals and a caring supporting system to make their dreams a reality. At United Studios of Self Defense, we will make your child a strong, able and productive member of society, armed with character, strong self-discipline and a healthy self-image.

           Benefits for Adults

For a professional who is looking for that added mental edge in business, recent studies show that adults who exercise have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength and better flexibility than those adults who do not exercise. They can cope with high levels of stress and have a confident self-image.

For someone who wants to learn self defense skills, especially with the crimes of violence that have increased dramatically nationwide, training at United Studios of Self Defense will give you the confidence you need to take control of any situation. Not only will you learn the physical principles of self-defense, but also the mental awareness you need to recognize and avoid problem situations.

           Group Training

Group Classes offer an atmosphere to learn to execute your skills on opponents of different sizes and abilities. Group training is a great way to get a great physical workout and monitor your nutrition.

           Private Lessons


Private lessons gives in depth attention to each student to learn new material at a pace that is optimal for the student. This time is also essential to learning and practicing the mental and spiritual aspects of the martial arts.