About Chief Instructor Zach Smith


Sensei Zach Smith - Chief Instructor


Sensei Zach has been learning Shaolin Kempo for over fifteen years.  His philosophy is that anything taught within the dojo can be applied outside of his classes.  Sensei Zach teaches his students the discipline needed sp they can focus on their studies and have confidence in other activities. Through weekly Farmers Markets and school programs, he demonstrares the importance of martial arts. The program outlined by Sensei Zach is to give students the necessary skills to acheive in martial arts and self defense. 


As the chief instructor of Poway USSD, Sensei Zach is First Aid and CPR Certified.  Once a month he participates in a company wide training program. The purpose is to practice martial arts while maintaining communication between the different branches of USSD. 


Sensei Zach considers himself an example of what martial arts can do for anyone who wants to make a change for the positive in their life. He applies his discipline and focus outside of the dojo through excercises like running and hiking in Poway. Additonally, he is going to school and studying business administration with a focus in management to further his education. He knows when the time has come to focus on his studies and complete assignments too. He applies the lessons he learns in school to his studio and is eager to learn more!


If you are interested in taking up martial arts in the Poway, CA area, Sensei Zach encourages you to call his office at (858) 486-8773. He looks forward to speaking to you and scheduling a time to come in and meet!



Sensei Zach instructing a martial arts class in Poway